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16. University Honors Program (Revised: 2001)

Revision to Rule 16 approved by by Faculty Senate on 7/16/2004 and signed by the President on 11/17/2004.

Please see Current Rule 16 for up to date information.


The university confers graduation honors upon a candidate for a baccalaureate degree who has completed a substantial body of course work through the University Honors Program. Categories for such honors are designated as follows:

16.1 University Honors. Students who have successfully completed 36 hours of honors classroom credit or 33 hours plus three hours of honors independent study or 27 hours plus six hours in the University Undergraduate Fellows Program may qualify for graduation with University Honors. Each qualifying student must earn at least six hours of honors credit in the humanities and social sciences, six hours in basic science or mathematics, and 12 hours at the 300/400 course level. A minimum overall GPR of 3.40 and a GPR of 3.25 in all honors courses completed is required of candidates for University Honors.

16.2 Foundation Honors. Completion of a 48 hour University Core Curriculum is required of all students seeking an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University. Students who choose to fulfill 19 hours of Core Curriculum course work through honors classes may qualify for graduation with "Foundation Honors" distinction. The 19 honors hours must include 3 hours each in communication and mathematics, 3 hours in either humanities or visual and performing arts, 4 hours including lab in natural sciences, 3 hours from social and behavioral sciences, and 3 hours from either U.S. history or political science.

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