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18. Payment of Fees and Charges (Revised: 1996) 

Revision to Rules 14.16-14.22 approved on 4/08/05 by Faculty Senate and signed by the President on 7/8/05. This rule change is effective 8/30/05.


18.1 Students are required to pay tuition, fees and charges to the university when due. Failure to do so may result in:

18.1.1 The student’s being administratively withdrawn and removed from the rolls of the university with loss of credit for academic work performed that semester.

18.1.2 Assessment of a $50 reinstatement fee.

18.1.3 Assessment of a $10 late fee.

18.1.4 Denial of future registration in the university until all past due balances including late charges and reinstatement fees are paid.

18.1.5 Denial of an official Texas A&M transcript until all past due balances, including late charges and reinstatement fees, are paid.

18.1.6 Removal from on-campus housing.

18.2 If a check accepted by the university is returned by the bank on which it is drawn, the person presenting it will be required to pay a returned check service charge. If the check is for tuition or fees, the student’s registration for that semester or term may be canceled.

18.3 A student whose registration is canceled for failure to redeem an unpaid check or checks within a specified grace period will be assessed a $50 reinstatement fee prior to being reinstated.

18.4 Students whose fees are billed to a third party sponsor, including, but not limited to a government agency, will be held responsible for those fees should the sponsor fail to pay.

18.5 Tuition, most required fees, residence hall room rent, meal plans and parking permits are payable in full or in three installments. The three-installment plan requires payment of all non-deferrable and one-half of deferrable fees prior to the first day of classes with the remainder of deferrable fees payable in two equal installments. The cost of student ID’s and some optional charges such as bus passes, athletic tickets and yearbooks are not deferrable and must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the semester. A $15 service charge to cover the cost of handling is assessed each student who chooses to use the installment plan. All scholarships, grants and loans are applied to any outstanding charges before installments are calculated. If a student receives a scholarship, grant or loan, no cash refunds will be made until all fee obligations are satisfied, regardless of the payment plan selected. Students may pay their accounts in full anytime during a semester; the service fee is not refundable, however, once a payment is made under the three-payment installment plan. Installment due dates are included on all billing statements and in the respective class schedules. Statements to remind students of installments are mailed before each due date; failure to receive billing statements because of incorrect addresses or mail delays will not, however, exempt students from cancellation deadlines or late charges. A $10 late penalty will be assessed for each installment not paid by its specified due date.

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