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23. Basic Rules and Procedures Governing Student Life

Rule Clarified 4/12/2006.

Please see Current Rule 23 for up to date information.


23.1 The university will endeavor to provide a living and learning environment in which the student can meet his or her academic goals. The university has the responsibility of providing the student with a clear understanding of its academic requirements, which are generally set forth in writing in the university catalogs and University Student Rules.

23.2 The university will determine, publish and make known its rules concerning student conduct. The university has the right to determine when its rules are violated and to determine the appropriate course of action. By enrolling in Texas A&M University, the student accepts the responsibility to comply with the university’s authority, to respect the rights of others and to protect private and public property.

23.3 Every student has the right to all the advantages, prestige and honors accruing to a student of this university. The student retains the rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States, the right of freedom from control by any persons except as may be in accord with published rules of the university, the right to pursue an education and to receive a degree or certificate for the successful completion of its requirements.

23.4 The vice president for student affairs shall be responsible to the president for the supervision and coordination of all parts of the student life program at Texas A&M University.

23.5 Any complaints filed with legal authorities on behalf of the university as a result of violations of the Texas Penal Code will be so filed by the director of Security and University Police.

23.6 Student conduct rules as outlined in University Student Rules shall be administered by the vice president for student affairs or his or her appointed agent. Violations of military rules that are specified in The Standard of the Corps of Cadets will be within the jurisdiction of the Office of the Commandant. Violations of residence hall rules that are specified in the Residence Hall Handbook–Calendar will be within the jurisdiction of the Department of Residence Life.

23.7 Disciplinary action will be administered by:

23.7.1 Student Conflict Resolution Services in the Department of Student Life

23.7.2 the Department of Residence Life

23.7.3 the Office of the Commandant

23.7.4 or other judicial bodies established with the advice and consent of the vice president for student affairs.

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