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52. Academic Misconduct

(Revised: 2013)

The decision as to which procedure to utilize for a grievance filed by a student shall be made solely by the university and shall be based on the fact pattern of each particular case. Each grievance shall be directed to a specific procedure and shall be accorded only one opportunity to be adjudicated unless the appeal body remands for further review.

The processes, procedures, rules and definitions associated with Academic Misconduct may be found at the websites listed below. All questions associated with Academic Misconduct should be directed to the Aggie Honor System Office (AHSO) in Henderson Hall, Suite 102 or at the following telephone number: (979) 458-3378.

Aggie Honor System Office:

Rules & Definitions: Academic Misconduct

Process and Procedures: Reporting and Adjudication

Appeals: Appeals 

For students enrolled on the campus of the TAMU Law School and the College of Dentistry, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Law School and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at the College of Dentistry will be the point of contact for the Aggie Honor System.


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