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Recent Rule Additions, Changes or Deletions

Rules are effective on date approved unless otherwise noted.

RULE #Rule DescriptionRule Approved Date & Effective Date.pdf of changes


Student Conduct Proceedings4/17/17 & 5/3/17 .pdf of changes


Student Conduct Code4/17/17 & 5/3/17 .pdf of changes


Student Conduct Code4/17/17 & 5/3/17 .pdf of changes


Degree Requirements2/10/17 & 3/6/17.pdf of changes


Degree Requirements12/13/16 & 1/18/17.pdf of changes


Grading6/7/16 & 9/7/16.pdf of changes


Grading7/5/16 & 9/1/16.pdf of changes


Scholastic Deficiency/Probation4/14/16 & 6/3/16.pdf of changes


Investigation and Resolution of Complaints Against Texas A&M Students for Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Stalking and Related Retaliation (SSDDSR)4/5/16 & 6/1/16.pdf of changes


Student Registration2/1/16 & 5/2/16.pdf of changes


Seminars, Directed Studies, Research Courses4/5/16 & 5/2/16.pdf of changes


Student Conduct Code4/5/16 & 4/15/16.pdf of changes


First Professional Appeals Panel2/1/16 & 4/13/16.pdf of changes


Graduate Academic Appeals Panel1/29/16 & 3/2/16.pdf of changes


Graduate Student Examination Evaluation Disputes2/1/16 & 3/1/16.pdf of changes
1Student Registration12/5/15 & 3/1/16.pdf of changes
8Examinations12/5/15 & 3/1/16.pdf of changes
10.14.4Grading12/5/15 & 3/1/16.pdf of changes
17Withdrawal Procedures12/5/16 & 3/1/16.pdf of changes
57Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel12/11/15 & 1/11/16.pdf of changes
10Grading12/14/15 & 1/11/16.pdf of changes
5Change of Curriculum 12/11/15 & 1/11/16.pdf of changes
48Grade Disputes10/14/15 & 1/7/16.pdf of changes
50Academic Suspension and Blocks10/14/15 & 1/7/16.pdf of changes
49Unexcused Absences10/14/15 & 1/7/16.pdf of changes
24Student Conduct Code7/20/15 & 8/18/15.pdf of changes
26Student Conduct Proceedings7/20/15 & 8/18/15.pdf of changes
51Student Conduct Separation and Appeal7/20/15 & 8/18/15.pdf of changes
58University Disciplinary Appeals Panel7/20/15 & 8/18/15.pdf of changes
Appendix XITexas A&M Rules on Freedom of Expression6/11/15 & 8/18/15.pdf of changes
Appendix IXTexas A&M University Smoke-Free Rules2/3/15 & 3/23/15.pdf of changes
12Scholastic Deficiency/Probation9/29/14.pdf of changes
10Grading9/29/14.pdf of changes
1Student Registration9/29/14.pdf of changes
59Graduate Appeals Panel8/6/14 & 8/27/14.pdf of changes 
10.5Grading8/6/14 & 8/27/14.pdf of changes
1.12Student Registration8/6/14 & 8/27/14.pdf of changes
57Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel5/29/14 & 8/15/14.pdf of changes Organizations7/7/14 & 8/25/14.pdf of changes
40Lost, Found, Stolen or Abandoned Property7/7/14 & 8/15/14.pdf of changes
55Parking Citations7/10/14 & 8/15/14.pdf of changes
60Parking Citation Appeals Panel5/29/14 & 8/15/14.pdf of changes
7Attendance7/7/14 & Proposal 1:  8/14/14.pdf of changes
7Attendance7/7/14 & Proposal 3: 7/22/14.pdf of changes
30Administrative Response To Dangerous or Disruptive Behavior Which May Be Caused by Manifestations of a Serious Psychological Problem7/7/14 & 7/29/14.pdf of changes 
10.5Grading7/7/14 & 7/22/14.pdf of changes


Sexual Harassment11/20/13 & 1/7/14.pdf of changes 


Student Registration6/15/12 & 9/2/13.pdf of changes


Refunds7/1/13 & 8/26/13.pdf of changes


Degree Requirements7/1/13 & 8/23/13.pdf of changes


Grading7/1/13 & 8/22/13.pdf of changes


Attendance7/1/13 & 8/22/13.pdf of changes


Distinguished Students5/24/13 & 8/21/13.pdf of changes


Lost, Found, Stolen or Abandoned Property5/24/13 & 8/21/13.pdf of changes


Classification5/24/13 & 8/21/13.pdf of changes


Degree Requirements5/24/13 & 8/21/13.pdf of changes


Examinations5/24/13 & 8/21/13.pdf of changes


Student Registration3/6/13 & 8/21/13.pdf of changes


Student Registration3/6/13.pdf of changes

 App. VIII

Texas A&M University Alcohol Rules That Apply to Student Organizations, and Others 12/21/12 .pdf of changes

 App. VII

 Texas A&M University Drug Rules 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 University Disciplinary Appeals Panel 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Student Conduct Separation and Appeal 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Student Organizations 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Student Conduct Files and Records 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Sanctions 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Student Conduct Proceedings 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Student Conduct Code Procedures (System) 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Student Conduct Code 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


 Basic Rules and Procedures Governing Student Life 12/21/12 .pdf of changes


Students' Rights and Responsibilities12/21/12 .pdf of changes


Examinations5/15/12 .pdf of changes


Student Registration5/15/12 .pdf of changes


Academic Suspension and Blocks2/13/12 .pdf of changes


Withdrawal Procedures11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Degree Requirements11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Degree Requirements2/13/12 .pdf of changes


Grading11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Attendance5/15/12 .pdf of changes


Attendance11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Graduate Appeals Panel11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Classroom Behavior11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Degree Requirements11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Scholastic Deficiency/Probation11/11/11 .pdf of changes


Disability Accommodations in Academic Programs11/11/11 .pdf of changes

19.2.3 & 34

Aggie Bucks8/2/11 .pdf of changes
14.3 & 14.4Double Majors1/25/11

.pdf of changes

1.7 & 1.8Full Time Status7/1/10.pdf of changes
1.2Official Communication7/1/10.pdf of changes
7.3Religious Holidays1/12/10.pdf of changes
8.6-8.7.13Credit by Exam9/29/09.pdf of changes
1.16.2Add/Drop9/29/09.pdf of changes
41Student Organizations7/20/09.pdf of changes
10.10.1First Year Grade Exclusion6/18/09.pdf of changes
14.9 & 14.16.6Calculating GPA for major/minor4/7/2009Rule will take effect Fall 2009.pdf of changes
10.20Calculating GPA for degree audit4/7/2009Rule will take effect Fall 2009.pdf of changes
12.6.3Communicating Probation4/7/2009Rule will take effect Fall 2009.pdf of changes
1.16.2Dropping Courses1/25/2009.pdf of changes
14.3.2Undergraduate Double Majors1/25/2009.pdf of changes
14.2Degree candidacy1/25/2009.pdf of changes
14.4.1Undergraduate Second Degree1/25/2009.pdf of changes
1.7Undergraduate Full Time Definition1/25/2009.pdf of changes
1.8Graduate Full Time Definition1/25/2009.pdf of changes
1.10.1Registration Blocks1/25/2009.pdf of changes
6.4Non-Degree Seeking Students1/25/2009.pdf of changes
13Classification1/25/2009Rule will take effect Fall 2009.pdf of changes
Appendix VIITAMU Drug Rules1/25/2009Rule will take effect Fall 2009.pdf of changes

Rules approved between 2004-2008

RightsStudents’ Rights and ResponsibilitiesRule Revised 10/25/2005
1.1.4Student Registration: Student Identification CardsRule Revised 10/25/2005
1.16.2Student Registration: Change in ScheduleRule Revised 10/25/2005
1.16.4Change in Schedule: Q DropsRule Revised 6/17/2008
1.7Full Time StatusRule Revised 6/17/2008
1.8Full Time StatusRule Revised 6/17/2008
3Seminars, Directed Studies, Research CoursesRule Revised 10/25/2005
7AttendanceRule Revised 8/23/06
8.4 & 8.5Special ExaminationsRules Removed 8/1/2007
10.10.1Grading: First Year Grade Exclusion Policy

Rule Revised 8/23/06

Rule Added 10/25/2005

Rule Revised 8/8/08

10.12.2Grading: Undergraduate StudentsRule Revised 10/25/2005
10.15Grading: Grade Availability

Rule Revised 10/25/2005

Rule Revised 4/12/2006

10.20GradingRule Revised 8/30/2005
11Distinguished Students

Rule Revised 10/25/2005

Rule Revised 8/30/2005

13.3Classification: First Year Grade ExclusionRule Added 10/25/2005
14.1.1Degree Requirements: First Year Grade ExclusionRule Added 10/25/2005
14.5Degree Requirements: CatalogsRule Revised 4/4/08
14.6Degree Requirements: Minimum credit hoursRule Revised 10/25/2005
14.8.6Degree Requirements: grade pointsRule Revised 10/25/2005
14.16Degree Requirements: Undergraduate MinorsRule Added 8/30/2005
14-17-14.22Degree Requirements (multiple sections)Rules Renumbered 8/30/2005


Graduation with Honors

Rule Revised 10/25/2005


University Honors Program

Rule Revised 11/17/2004

18.1Payment of Fees and ChargesRule Revised 8/30/2005
18.1.3 &18.5Payment of Fees and ChargesRules Removed 10/25/2005
23.6Basic Rules and Procedures Governing Student LifeRule Clarified 4/12/2006
24.3.21Violation of published university rulesRule Clarified 4/12/2006
25.4.2Residence Life Student Accountability BoardRule Clarified 4/12/2006
27.1.9Campus Housing ProbationRule Clarified 4/12/2006
31Racial and Ethnic HarassmentRule Revised 8/8/2008
32.2 & 32.3University HousingRule Clarified 4/12/2006
36.1Pet AnimalsRule Revised 10/25/2005
39.1Soliciting on CampusRule Clarified 4/12/2006 OrganizationsRule Revised 7/14/2007
45DiscriminationRule Revised 8/30/2005
57.1.1Undergraduate Academic Appeals PanelRule Revised 8/29/2008
57.4Undergraduate Academic Appeals PanelRule Revised 8/29/2008
1.18"W" designationRule Revised 8/29/2008
Appendix IVExcused Absences for Religious Holy DaysRule Revised 10/25/2005
Appendix VIIAlcohol Rules and Laws that Apply to Student organizations, Residence Hall Students, and Others, Section IIIRule Revised 7/14/2007 
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